Land Rezoning


Rezonings of land or planning scheme changes are complex at best, requiring any proponent to gain support from the Planning Authority (Council or State Government) to change the Planning Scheme.

Town Planning Group seeks to minimise your concerns, by giving you frank advice and working with Planning Authority to come to agreeable position.¬†Town Planning Group’s experience with the rezoning process and the planning system will ensure you are in the best position to advance your proposal.

Working with the Planning Authority, Town Planning Group will prepare the necessary documentation and lodge the scheme change for consideration.

If more detailed information is required by the Planning Authority, Town Planning Group has a network of preferred specialists to work through any outstanding issues. These specialists include:

  • traffic engineers
  • urban designers
  • architects
  • economist
  • acoustic consultants
  • environmental consultants
  • risk management experts

What we do?

  • expert advice
  • document preparation
  • project collaboration and management
  • government advocacy
  • community workshops
  • panel hearing presentations

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