Bigger apartments for Melbourne?

    The Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy, is considering the introduction of a new design code to ensure minimum standards for residential apartment sizes. The community and planning industry have long been complaining about the size of apartments and the poor amenity being delivered to occupants. The Office of the Victorian Government Architect has prepared the Victorian Apartment Design Standards in response to these concerns.

    The standards should ensure that the amenity of new residents is considered in the design process, rather than how many units can be squeezed into a site to make it profitable. One bedroom units will have to be at least 50 square metres and two bedroom apartments 70 square metres.

    If these minimum standards are introduced, this will assist the development industry by creating a true level playing field. Developers will be able to determine how many units they can get on a site per these new controls, and this will limit speculation in the market, keeping land prices lower, thus increasing affordability and better floor plans.

    These design standards will be a win-win for the building industry and the community alike.

    Adam Parker
    Town Planning Group